Fire Emblem Heroes Cheats Android

Fire Emblem Heroes Stats Guide - All Stats Explained. Wary Fighter prevents her from becoming doubleattacked despite her very reduced rate. Powerful sword user which wields the unique weapon Regal Blade , which effectively gives him +2 atk/spd in most combat situations. Extremely powerful against infantry class components, a very common type that involves most mages and dragons.
Has incredibly higher base speed, but mediocre attack. Excels at carrying out red units, particularly sword wielders. Excels against armored units, because of her Hammer and great attack. Can go after attacking with Galeforce , allowing her to perform hit-and-run strikes and kite enemies about.
Excels against green mages and colorless components because of his passives. Coupled with all his passives Earth Boost and Renewal , he could make for a good bodily tank. Its ability is offset by a top price depend, however. Guaranteed doubleattack when assaulting thanks to his Brave Sword.

Lackluster damage because of poor assault and speed stats. Gets +6 Def after attacking, and gives the enemy a -7 Atk debuff after combat, making her a very powerful duelist. Wields Ragnarok , a exceptional tome with a very strong effect (+5 atk/spd if in battle at full hp).
Gets +7 Atk and instant double strike below 50% hp, and that's when she really excels. Has very good attack that is further improved by Durandal when attacking. Has high base speed and above average foundation attack, combined with astonishingly substantial base resistance.

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